Our Mission

Founded in 2008 and based at the Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana, the Montana Innocence Project is a statewide nonprofit organization with two core missions: 

  • Exonerate the innocent 
  • Prevent wrongful convictions

Why We Work

Our criminal justice system incarcerates innocent people. Since 1989, there have been:

  • 2,500 exonerations in the United States. 
  • Those individuals lost over 22,000 years of their lives for crimes they did not commit. 

Montana’s criminal justice system is not immune to these problems. Since 1997, 14 people have been exonerated in Montana. The six exonerees we served spent nearly 100 years combined in prison for crimes they did not commit.

MTIP is the only Montana organization working to address and prevent these injustices.

Exonerees we Served

  • Total Years Wrongfully Incarcerated: 95 years
  • Total Cost of Wrongful Incarceration: $3,383,670 (in 2015 dollars)
  • Causes of Wrongful Conviction: Official Misconduct (3), Perjury (5), False Confession (1)
  • Age Range at Date of Alleged Crime/Crime: 17 – 39
  • County of Conviction: Cascade County (2), Lewis and Clark County (2), Missoula County (1), Sanders County (1)
  • Wrongly Convicted of: Murder (4), Robbery (2), Kidnapping (2), Child Abuse (1), Sexual Intercourse Without Consent (1), Assault with a Firearm (1)