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Montana Capitol Building

In addition to freeing the innocent from prison, we work to prevent wrongful and unjust convictions by remedying causes, improving laws, and advocating for criminal, racial, and social justice in Montana.

Our advocacy work entails:

  • Identifying causes of wrongful convictions, issues that impact justice-involved Montanans, laws/policies that relate to the post-conviction relief process, and laws/policies that impact our clients’ lives while they are wrongfully incarcerated and once they are freed
  • Conducting research and providing education about these topics on our website, and updating our supporters about recent events regarding these topics on our social media accounts
  • Identifying and building relationships with other organizations, leaders, and activists who are invested in these topics and seeking opportunities to work with them to further shared goals
  • Participating in groups like the Montana Public Safety Coalition and the Law and Justice Interim Committee that engage in legislative solutions
  • Supporting legislation through actions including legislative strategy, lobbying, and providing testimony

Successes include:

  • Establishing new forms of testing DNA as newly discovered evidence, establishing witness recantation as a valid claim for individuals seeking post-conviction relief, and requiring police statewide to electronically record custodial interrogations in felony criminal cases

Current initiatives include:

  • Providing meaningful monetary compensation for exonerees, abolishing the death penalty in Montana, and opposing laws that seek to reinstate capital punishment