At the Legislature

We advocate for laws and policies that will build a just, fair, and accurate justice system in Montana. Our six exonerees provide irrefutable proof that Montana has convicted and incarcerated innocent people. Through our legal work, we have identified systemic flaws that undermine the integrity of Montana’s criminal justice system. We work with lawmakers, coalition partners, and grassroots advocates to build a new justice system – a system where wrongful convictions no longer occur.

Recent successes:

  • Led the effort to create one of the strongest post-conviction DNA testing laws in the country.
  • Led the effort to require police statewide to electronically record custodial interrogations in felony criminal cases.
  • Led the effort to create an interim study on appropriate compensation for wrongfully convicted individuals.

Current Priorities:

  • Ensure appropriate compensation for wrongfully convicted individuals. Read our fact sheet.
  • Require safeguards to protect against false incentivized witness testimony. Read our fact sheet.
  • Update Montana’s post-conviction relief (PCR) law to ensure individuals have a meaningful opportunity to overturn wrongful convictions based on newly discovered evidence. Read our fact sheet.
  • Abolish the death penalty in Montana. Read our fact sheet.