In Memory of Spencer Veysey

Spencer began work at MTIP as a volunteer when he was a journalism student at UM. He always believed that criminal investigations was his true calling. After graduation he continued to volunteer with MTIP, digging into cases, interviewing witnesses, organizing a network of experts and professional contacts for future use. Eventually he came on staff – as a part time, paid investigator. He then got his P.I. license.

He became a full-time staff member shortly before he died. His work at MTIP was outstanding. It can truly be said that he contributed in very meaningful ways to the exonerations of Richard Raugust, Cody Marble, Richard Burkhart, Fred Lawrence, and Paul Jenkins.

He was an essential part of the MTIP team. When our clients walk out of prison as free people, their first words should be, “Thank God for Spencer Veysey.” He was a solid young person of true character and virtue. He set high standards for himself and applied those standards to MTIP. We miss him every single day.