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Photo of the outside of Alexander Blewett III School of Law
Alexander Blewett III School of Law

Law students are invited to participate in our legal clinic each year. We have hosted nearly 25 students to date who have gained practical skills and had the opportunity to fight for the innocent.

Our legal clinic entails:

  • Meeting with clinic students to determine specific interests and goals, and attempt to assign student cases that fit with their desires while furthering the immediate needs of the organization
  • Assigning cases to students to review at all phases of evaluation
  • Meeting weekly with each individual student to assess progress on assigned cases and provide advice or feedback as needed
  • Assigning research projects
  • Reviewing and editing written memorandums from students
  • Facilitating meetings with clients in prison facilities
  • Educating students on the practical aspects of legal practice
  • Hosting weekly roundtable discussions with clinic students regarding challenges, experiences, and questions they may have about their work
  • Providing meaningful evaluations of individual performances at midterm and at the finality of the term
  • Supervising students when they advise clients, draft legal pleadings, advocate in court, and communicate with outside entities on the client’s behalf