3 MLK quotes that inspire criminal justice advocacy

These words ring true for many criminal justice issues that are out of sight, and, therefore, easy to keep out of mind. America incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Many are innocent, incarcerated for behaviors that should not be criminal, or incarcerated through racist and classist processes. This quote reminds us to be vigilant and critical activists.
This quote is timeless because there will always be opportunities to use your voice, your time, your knowledge, and your experience to advocate for justice. It is important to celebrate wins, especially in the world of criminal justice reform where wins are rare, but this sentiment reminds us to maintain momentum in the fight for equity.
This is the cornerstone of innocence work. As long as even one person is unjustly behind bars, the threat of wrongful conviction remains, and the need for innocence advocacy persists. This quote, which proudly hangs in our office, inspires us to keep going until every driver of unjust conviction is remediated.