We provide pro bono legal representation to exonerate people with claims of innocence. People in Montana have been wrongly convicted because of prosecutorial abuse, false testimony, ineffective assistance of counsel, false confessions, junk science, and mistaken identification, and we investigate and litigate all of these issues.

Since 2008, we have:

  • Exonerated six people who spent nearly 100 years combined in prison for crimes they did not commit. 
  • Reviewed over 850 innocence claims. 
  • Litigated case that created 9th Circuit precedent recognizing new forms of testing DNA is newly discovered evidence (U.S. v. Watson).
  • Litigated case that recognized witness recantation as a valid claim for individuals seeking post-conviction relief in Montana’s state courts (Marble v. State).  
  • Trained dozens of law students through the MTIP Innocence Clinic.

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