Organization Highlight: YWCA Missoula

The Montana Innocence Project strives to highlight the important work of like-minded organizations. Today, we are highlighting YWCA Missoula. MTIP and YWCA Missoula similarly work to promote racial justice in Montana and eliminate systemic barriers for minoritized groups.

What is your organization’s mission?

YWCA Missoula is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

How does your organization achieve its mission?

YWCA has five programs that aim to end domestic and sexual violence, help homeless families obtain stable housing, and transform Missoula into a place where all people, regardless of their race or gender, have opportunities for growth, leadership and power.

YWCA’s new building, The Meadowlark

Does your organization have a specific achievement that you would like to highlight?

In May 2021 we moved into The Meadowlark, our new building where we provide same-day emergency housing to families and shelter to survivors fleeing domestic violence. In The Meadowlark we can serve about twice as many people as we used to in our old locations. We also offer meals, on-site medical, dental, and mental health services, legal services, support groups, and programs for children. This is all thanks to the hard work, collaboration and support from hundreds of donors and community partners!

You can learn more about YWCA at or on Facebook and Instagram @ywcamissoula. To support their work, you can donate, volunteer, and shop at YWCA Secret Seconds Thrift Stores.