Organization Highlight: The Black News Channel

The Montana Innocence Project strives to highlight the important work of like-minded organizations. Today, we are highlighting The Black News Channel, which tells important stories about the flaws in the criminal legal system. The channel’s primetime legal show, hosted by Yodit Tewolde, highlights wrongful conviction cases, life on death row stories, prosecutorial and police misconduct issues, and more.

What is your mission?

“Making the Case w/Yodit” is a Primetime Legal Show hosted by former Prosecutor and Defense Attorney Yodit Tewolde on The Black News Channel. The show is committed to telling stories of a flawed Criminal Justice System that often harms Black and Brown Communities. We take a deep dive on alarming issues not often covered by the other media–including wrongful convictions and exonerations, life on death row, prosecutorial and police misconduct, and the immunities afforded them. We also showcase cases of Missing Black Women and Girls and profile unsung heroes making a difference in the lives of others.

How do you achieve your mission?

We achieve our mission with branded live segments throughout the week.

Mondays: We partner with the Innocence Project and others to share compelling stories of wrongful convictions and exonerations. Lawyers, victims, relatives, and advocates often join us for first-hand accounts.

Tuesdays: We partner with The Marshall Project for citizen journalism on the legal justice system and law enforcement.

Wednesdays: We focus on stories surrounding the death penalty and people wrongfully convicted on death row, often partnering with the Innocence Project on these issues.

Thursdays: We turn our attention to cases of Missing Black Women and Girls, a demographic often overlooked by the media and law enforcement. 

Fridays: We showcase unsung heroes in our “Making a Difference” segments.

Is there anything specific that you are working on right now that you would like to highlight?

We are currently working with the Innocence Project to bring awareness to the Melissa Lucio death penalty case. She’s a Texas mother wrongfully convicted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. Her execution is scheduled for April 27th.

Do you have any specific achievements that you would like to highlight?

Overall, we are proud of bringing attention and awareness to many issues in the criminal legal system that negatively affect black and brown communities that would otherwise go untold.

Where can people learn more about your work?

Visit our website for ways to watch at:

Also, follow us on social media:

Twitter: @bncnews




How can people support your work?

You can support our work by watching Making The Case at 9pm EST Mondays through Fridays on The Black News Channel.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

We’d love your support watching our shows and the network and your feedback.